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Karndean Knight Tile  Aged Oak KP98

Knight Tile Aged Oak KP98 with rich chocolate tones and highly realistic variation between planks, Karndean Knight Tile Aged Oak creates a masculine and luxurious feel in any space with a plank size of 36" x 6" this will enhance any area of the home. Luxurious but not too luxurious. More like luxury with a rough, rustic edge, or what we like to call "Rough lux."
£29.99 /m2

Karndean Knight Tile  American Oak KP40

Karndean KP40 American Oak Knight Tile Vinyl Flooring is a pale blond oak effect and has a classic individual grain design with lively realistic knots of a traditional oak look, without the maintenance of a real wood floor. Consider one of our design borders or a subtle keyline to really individualise your space. available from luxuryvinylfloors a platinum Karndean partner. take advantage of its lifetime transferable guarantee.
£29.99 /m2

Karndean Knight Tile  Aran Oak KP67

Knight Tile Aran Oak KP67 Aran Oak wood planks have an intricately designed grain that brings natural light and shade to the base palette of mid-brown. As with all Karndean mid-tone oaks, the versatility complements a range of existing furnishings or décor schemes.
£29.99 /m2

Karndean Knight Tile  Arctic Driftwood KP51

Arctic Driftwood planks have a really distinctive grain, with frosty striations creating a really authentic, 'weathered' look. Striking as the grain is, the pale colour of this wood plank gives it a versatility and neutrality that makes it a great choice for a range of spaces and interior styles.
£29.99 /m2

Karndean Knight Tile  Balin Stone ST8

Knight Tile Balin Stone ST8 The gentle mottled pattern and fresh, almost porcelain tones of this 12" x 12" tile help create a sense of airiness and space in any décor scheme. This is coupled with an ease of cleaning and maintenance and R10 slip rating that makes this a great functional choice for a range of domestic and commercial applications
£29.99 /m2

Karndean Knight Tile  Bath Stone ST12

Karndean lvt Knight Tile  Bath Stone ST12 achieves a timeless colonial look, the sandy beige tones of Bath Stone. With its attractive and highly realistic granular design, it looks great with white painted wood cabinets and French vintage style furnishings. What's more, these tiles are available in a trendy larger scale 18x12" format.
£29.99 /m2

Karndean Knight Tile  Black Riven Slate ST15

Knight Tile  Black Riven Slate ST15 by Karndean the palette of dark and bewitching charcoal tones combine with a gentle, undulating effect to give the Black Riven Slate visual depth and interest. These tiles work well in both traditional and contemporary settings – they can be paired with a light-coloured design strip for a striking effect, or a darker strip for a subtler approach. There’s also the option to have no strips, as the variation within the tiles is enough to create a simply stunning canvas for your décor.  This design has an optional, matching Windsor border for added definition.
£29.99 /m2

Karndean Knight Tile  Cara T98

Karndean Knight Tile  Cara T98 is a more neutral marble effect, , this gently marbled beige tile is attractive but neutral and creates a warmer, more homely space. It comes in a size of 12" x 12"
£29.99 /m2

Karndean Knight Tile  Carrara T90

Karndean Knight Tile  Carrara T90 Carrara takes its inspiration from classic white marble. A stone effect slightly grey-white background has charcoal marbling throughout for a really classic marble look. If you're looking for a traditional checkerboard effect, pair with Midnight Black.
£29.99 /m2

Karndean Knight Tile  Classic Limed Oak KP97

Knight Tile  Classic Limed Oak KP97 with its subtle copper tones and a limed finish, Karndean Classic Limed Oak planks have a soft texture to replicate their distinctive grain pattern. Coming in a wider than usual format of 36x6", Classic Limed Oak works well with neutrals as well as bolder, brighter colour palettes.
£29.99 /m2

Karndean Knight Tile  Coastal Sawn Oak KP136

Karndean Knight Tile  Coastal Sawn Oak KP136 There is something immediately calming about a space that has an understated, beach house vibe, and choosing our Coastal Sawn Oak is a step towards achieving this tranquil interior style. While there are plenty of intricate grain details to admire, its muted tones and gently rustic appearance will provide a light, relaxing canvas for any room in the home.
£29.99 /m2

Karndean Knight Tile  Cumbrian Stone ST14

Karndean Knight Tile  Cumbrian Stone ST14 One of the darkest tiles in Karndean Knight Tile collection, Cumbrian Stone, combines smoky charcoal and carbon tones in a contemporary wider scale 18x12" tile format. Because of its darker colouring and durability, this floor is very practical for pets, and is easily personalised with corresponding design strips.
£29.99 /m2