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Blacksmith Stair Rods

Our Blacksmith range of wrought iron stair rods have been designed by award winning Northumbrian Blacksmith Rodney Britain. Using traditional hot metalwork techniques, the stair rods are hand forged to created a simplicity of design that make them equally suited to everything from rustic period properties to modern town houses. The rods are made from ½” (12mm) solid steel, individually beaten into shape and then given a protective coating to prevent rust. Ideal for runners and fitted carpets.
£24.99 /m2

Country stair Rods

Our Country Range offers a wealth of options. Manufactured using traditional methods, they combine the quality of brass with versatility and style. Designed for a range of applications, Country range stair rods are suitable for both fully fitted and runner carpets, in locations ranging from from grand hotels to country cottages.
£18.99 /m2

Crystal Stair Rods - Do not use

Our Crystal rods feature a finely cut crystal which catches the light and creates a dramatic and quite unique decorating effect.
£25.99 /m2

Eastern Promise Stair Rods

Eastern Promise are heavy gauge hollow stair rods in a 5/8" (16mm) diameter. The rods have large, ornate finials and are perfect for grand staircases.
£35.99 /m2

Homepride Stair Rods

The Improved Homepride stair rods provide a quick and easy way to add style to your stairs.
£14.99 /m2

Jubilee Stair Rods

Product was launched to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee. To save fitting time, the finials are already attached to the brackets making the Jubilee ideal for retro fitting to and existing carpet. Brackets can easily accommodate underlay and gripper, unlike other budget rods sold online.
£23.99 /m2

Premier Stair Rods For runners up to 91.5cm wide Standard Colours - Do not use

We are confident our solid core Premier range of stair rods are the finest available anywhere in the world. Our Premier range stair rods are the epitome of quality and style. They are manufactured using traditional methods - the finial is lathed onto the rods, meaning every rod is one piece, made to measure and unique. The rods are then polished and lacquered to the highest standard.
£24.99 /m2

Royale Stair Rods

The Stairrods UK Royal range are triangular brass stair rods in the traditional style, designed specifically to give your staircase a finishing touch that will get noticed. Suitable for either runner stair carpets or fully fitted. Royale stair rods are made to measure and will give any stair case an imposing, classical look.
£42.99 /m2

Tudor Stair Rods

Tudor range stair rods capture the style of classical wooden stair rods. These stair rods are made from the finest hardwood and are available in light oak or dark oak finish. Tudor range stair rods come with heavy brass tips and elegant brackets, making them a stylish alternative to our solid brass stair rods ranges.
£23.99 /m2

Vision Stair Rods

The Vision stair rods feature modern finial designs. The rods are heavy gauge hollow 1/2" (12.5mm) diameter with a choice of Sphere, Piston and Arrow finials. They were designed to complement contemporary stair cases and carpet designs. They are a great choice for those looking for something different to the norm.
£27.99 /m2